Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Look Deep Into The Mirror" May 29, 08

I've recently noticed that the older that I get, I don't look at myself in a
mirror as deeply as I use to. When I put on my make up or see a full view
of my entire countenance, I look over most of the new lines, wrinkles and
droops that were not as visible yesterday. If I were to concentrate on
every little bump, lump and imperfection, I'd be getting a "nip/tuck" every
year. Please don't let this be an excuse for finding a lump in your body
and not getting a Mammogram, Pap Smear or any other scheduled exam.
These schedules must be kept in order to keep up with the functioning of
these physical bodies of ours.

God looks beyond our faults and sees all our needs. God sees the Big
Picture and not the little imperfections we see in ourselves. He has a plan
for each of us, which was formed before we were born. It is our duty to
discover what that plan (or destiny) is and then 'get busy' with those
tasks. "Have fun getting it done - Let's get busy".

Ms. "V"