Monday, May 14, 2012

Are you experiencing ‘Censorship” online?

Have you posted a “comment” on a social network site, only to come back later and notice that your thoughts, opinion and unoffensive comments are gone? Recently, there is an influx of “Censorship”. When the 'powers-that-be' delete your writings and communication with someone else; that’s an invasion of your freedom of speech.

According to, a Censor is an official who examines books, plays, news reports, motion pictures, radio and television programs, letters, cablegrams, etc., for the purpose of suppressing parts deemed objectionable on moral, political, military, or other grounds. People who make appropriate comments to articles are having their verbal reactions to the topic deleted.

Are writers, columnist and reporters being censored? Yes, we are. If we receive an inappropriate comment, we should be able to handle the verbiage, or if help is needed, then the social website should be ready to assist when asked. But they shouldn’t take it upon themselves to terminate the online conversations. Usually when there is a little banter of opinions, there isn’t any infringement of the Communications Decency Act.

If you check this website, you will notice the on-line newspaper that I write for. Yes, it’s true that most online news and social websites compensate their writer through “page views”. When the commentary is not there to show the reader’s participation, than it appears as if there is no communication - thus no further need to come back to read a response. When something like this occurs, there are no “page views’ and a cut in pay for the writer.

It was brought to my attention that this is happening on one of the most highly used communication, sign-in sites that we use regularly. What can be done? I don’t know, but letting others know what is happening online may somehow bring the right solution to the problem.

When you make a comment, go back to read the reply and there is nothing there – the writer may not be the one to erase what you have written. It’s the work of the ‘online’ censors who chose to terminate the conversation. Don’t give up! Just keep those comments coming.

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