Sunday, January 17, 2016

2016 – “A Year of Transformation”

God is a God of change and 2016 is the year that things will change for you – if you allow them.  Through the leadership of Bishop George Davis, Impact Church Jacksonville, FL, the congregation started a 30 day Challenge dedicated to The Entire Man.  The areas of operation that we are working on are: SPIRITUAL, FINANCIAL, PHYSICAL & FAMILY.

Take a look at the graphics and start your 30 day challenge NOW!  It’s never too late to metamorphosis.  If you cannot read the graphics, email me and I will send you the documents.  Happy New Year!
Sore Tootsies
One Wednesday evening, my pastor had given a thought-provoking message.  I pulled him aside after service to let him know that I was “going home to soak my feet because the Word of God just tap-danced all across my toes.”  That’s what happens when you’re in tune with the spirit of God.  Conviction or recognition occurs when you hear a message that God directs especially towards you.  When you realize that God is speaking directly to you, just listen, hear, and obey.

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