Monday, November 28, 2011

“Believe in Yourself”

“Back during the first half of the eighteenth century, there was a young boy who aspired to be a writer. Because of his lack of formal education, the young boy wasn’t sure of his ability. And his lack had not been one that would foster self-confidence. His family had moved quite often, his father finally being jailed because of his inability to pay his debts. Because of the circumstances the young boy had been able to attend school for only four years.

To earn a living he got a job putting labels on bottles in a dilapidated warehouse. He found himself a place in which to sleep in a dismal attic, and he shared that room with others who couldn’t afford anything better.

But this young boy was determined to write. He did write. Day after day. Finally he got enough courage to submit a manuscript to a publisher. He mailed that manuscript at night, when no one could see him because he was afraid someone might ridicule him. Soon, he heard from the publisher. His manuscript was refused.

Time and time again this young boy submitted his writings. Again and again the same answer came back – rejected. No one was interested in his writings. But the desire to write was burning in the young boy’s heart and he refused to quit.

Finally, one of his stories was accepted. He didn’t receive any money for the story, but the editor did give him some praise. It was such a happy moment for him that he walked the streets with tears of joy coming down his cheeks. Now someone else had shown some belief in him.

This bit of encouragement gave that young boy the impetus he needed to go on to greater things. And in a few years all of England was reading his writings. The young boy believed in himself, believed he was capable of reaching the dream he had for himself in his heart. For that reason, he would not quit.

Too often in life we quit too soon. Many times the victory is just around the corner if we would only keep trying.

It is of great importance that a person believe in himself. Selling ourselves short is no virtue. It is a vice. It hurts us. It keeps us from developing our God-given resources to become all that we can become – all that God wants us to become.

The dreams we have for ourselves – can come true. They can, that is, if we are willing to continue to work toward the fulfillment of those dreams with all the resources we have. But we must remember that the fulfillment of any dream requires dedication, sacrifice, and persistence on our part.

The young boy in London who refused to quit was Charles Dickens. His novels are still read to this day. He believed in himself.” ― American Family Association president, Mr. Donald E. Wildmon

Believe in yourself. God does. Praise God, still I will trust Him.

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