Monday, November 1, 2010

Vote - November 2, 2010

There use to be a time when politicians would tell you what they were going to do if elected into office (even if they lied); today it a ‘blame game’. “Ads get meaner as election gets closer”, was a title of an article on Yahoo.

“Sad Sam is the scum of the earth. He has never kept his promises.” “Ranting Alice can’t run a city commission, so how can she run a state?” - “Yes, I can!” “Mario was kicked out of office because of xyz… – do you want him as governor of your state?” And the political slurs ramble on and on.

Even if you didn’t vote him into office, President Obama had a positive & supportive campaign. People who hadn’t voted in decades, came out in groves to support him and the same for JFK too (Catholics stuck together).

So what is a citizen to do? Take time to review each candidate; eliminate the losers and chose the one who is still standing. You may want to say, “None of the above”, but don’t use that as an excuse not to vote.

Pray, take your time, and use your constitutional right to vote in Jacksonville, Florida and in your community this November 2, 2010.