Friday, November 21, 2008

Continue to Be Blessed in order to Be a Bigger Blessing

Greetings ;)

If you’re reading this, then you are one of my faithful reading partners. I have enjoyed sharing the thoughts that I’ve been inspired to give to you. My hopes are that they were a help and not a hindrance.

Since my Granddaughter is due around the end of the month, and we’re getting ready to launch two books; I won’t be posting my Blog every week. I will continue to answer your questions as I have (it may take me a little longer, but I’m faithful). You will still be able to view my Archive Blogs on all my sites, especially my website (and I’ll add more from the ones that were posted on Myspace) Ms. V's website

Please keep coming to my website and you’ll know when & where to get my new books (and you’ll be impressed with the material ;) Stay in touch and know that you’re never a bother. Have a Great Thanksgiving, and a very Merry Christmas and I’ll hopefully see you at one of my book signing. Remember, Jesus is thinking of you and so am I.

“And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Phil. 4:7

Yours in Christ,
Ms. “V”

Thursday, November 20, 2008

“Excuse Me, No, Excuse Me”

As we eagerly embrace this holiday season, let’s take a look at some things around us, and how we may diffuse (put out) fires before they ever start.

“Let’s go shopping”. A whole book can be written about the etiquette of the retail world. Allow me to begin with space. There are crowds everywhere; the malls, the grocery store, restaurants, and even in the street. People are seeking bargains and the “GI Joe with the Kung Fu grip” (did they ever make such a toy?). Money may be tight, problems still find their way into our lives, but we’ve got to remember that it’s the main season for caring, thoughtfulness and love. Yes, it is Jesus’ birthday and He is the reason for the season. With that being said, let me help you a little bit.

Shopping can be a ruthless job. If there’s only one size 10 red sweater in that particular style, and you & Ms. Molly have your hands on it – give it to Ms. Molly because God’s got a better sweater for you at a lower price and at a different store.

If you have time, I’ve posted three pics on my page, about this next subject, “Crowded stores, strollers & shopping carts (see Childless Wheels). What’s this all about you ask? It’s about children being carried by their Mama’s and their strollers are being pushed into your path - if not over your toes. When there are large crowds in tight places, please be thoughtful. If you have a need to get out of the house with your children, please feed them, put them down for a nap and make sure they know that they’re not going to the playground, but to a store. Remind me later to talk about Massachuttes and how they want to abolish parents spanking their children.

For all of my fellow salespeople, this one’s for you. Stores do not have built-in “maids”. If you take clothes into a dressing room, don’t throw the clothes on the floor. Hang them back on the hanger. The salesperson is not your Mama, Wife or Flunkey. And please, treat the salesperson the way you would want to be treated. Be Kind.

You’ve probably heard about this one in church; be considerate when you drive. Watch out for the other person. Drive defensively! Leave early and take your time. You are probably just as surprised as I am to notice how many people’s turn signals don’t work. Pray that those persons get new bulbs for those lights and that they’ll begin to use that little lever on the steering wheel.

So until next week, let’s keep the phrase, “Merry Christmas” flowing in the air. Love ya’ll.

Ms. “V”

“We’re Just So Thankful”

Give Thanks with a grateful heart
Give Thanks to the Holy One
Give Thanks because He’s given
Jesus Christ, His Son.

And now let the weak say, “I am strong”.
Let the poor say, “I am rich because of what the Lord has done for us”. Give Thanks.

By Henry Smith

We need to take the time just to say, “Thank you”. “Thank You Jesus”. Thank God for sending Georgia the rain it needed (II Ch. 7:14). Thanks to Lady who always smiles at you and say, “Good Morning”. Thanks to Your Spouse for putting up with you (I didn’t call any names). Thanks to that person who blessed you when you didn’t expect it. The list should be endless. Let’s take some time each and every day to “Give Thanks”. THANKS-DANKE-MERCI-GRACIAS

Ms. "V"