Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy What?

Today is January 10, 2009. It is only ten days since we welcomed in the New Year. So why is it that no one says, “Happy New Year” anymore? On January first and maybe on the second, we bid each other a prosperous look towards the future. Well, why not continue to bestow greetings of great expectations until maybe “Happy Valentines Day rolls around?

Try it! Continue to say, “Happy New Year” to the grocery clerk, to your doctor, to your hairdresser & manicurist and yes, even to someone you don’t know who passes you by in the street or up a WalMart aisle. You will be amused to see the smiles and maybe a few puzzled looks of confusion and the surprised, “I can say Happy New Year this late in Jan. It’s alright”.

Happy New Year Ya’ll
Ms. “V”
Ms."V" website

Even though the world is in a “recession”, we as Christian believers, have no connection with it. Continue to pray for those who do not know Christ and all that He does for us. Amen!

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