Monday, March 9, 2015

It’s all about the “Prayer”

I don’t normally pray for celebrities, yet today I was prompted to pray for Beyonce.  Why – I don’t know.  Haven’t heard anything in the news lately, but when you’re led to pray for someone or something in particular – just do it!  We never know when intercessions are needed on our behalf.  It doesn’t have to be a long eloquent prayer because God already knows, nevertheless He was waiting for someone to stand in the gap and PRAY.

What is prayer?  Prayer is communication, communion, speaking with, and hearing from God.  It’s being in His presence, and not being alone.  It’s waiting for an answer and being still enough to hear that answer.
Making The Difference
You never know when it’s your prayer that makes the difference, in someone’s life.  Have you ever thought that your prayer was not necessary for someone else to make it through?
You probably knew that other people were praying for the same thing, so why should God bother with your little prayer?  You never know.  Your one little request may be the one that God is waiting to hear.  So don’t count yourself short.  Your prayers do count.

God’s Got A Super Highway
If you think the “Computer Internet” is something, tap into the Power of Prayer with God, and get the expected and the unexpected.

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