Monday, September 2, 2013

'Get Up Offa Your Thang' & Feel Better

Get Up Offa That Thang…” and feel better.  James Brown knew what he was talking about years ago, even before exercise was as popular as it is today.  Dancing & roller-skating to music was a very good form of moving the joints and draining some excess water from our bodies through sweat.  You should be able to remember those “house parties”.
Dyan Dunagan used Leslie Sansone DVD's

 This post is written to continually encourage us to get up and do a little something to better our lives.  We need to establish a little ‘Accountability’ and a lot of ‘Commitment’.  ‘We are Winners’ & we can make a positive change for the good.

At the tender age of 63, I am not as limber as I use to be.  Yes, I get a ‘snap, crackle & pop’ in my joints as I exercise & it ain’t Rice Krispies.  It takes much effort to do a ‘plank’ and hold it for 25 seconds, or 25 abdominal crunches, or hold a ‘hollow-man’ for 1 minute; but it’s possible.  You may experience some pain.  I’m not going to tell you that “labor” doesn’t hurt; it does, but the agony does subside during delivery.  I’ve now been renewing my physical man for 13 weeks and I still get sore sometimes.

Apostle Arthur Tigney Jr. trains at the gym
Let it be known that I have to ‘wrap’ and ‘brace’ some areas of my body occasionally.  You may need to reinforce an ankle, elbow, knee or wrist; but do what needs to be done in order to get through your workout.  I try to do a half-hour, five days a week.  If you miss a few days because of appointments – then get back into the gym, start walking again or turn on your video ASAP.

My Ankle Surgery in 2010 hasn’t stopped me, nor Back Surgery in 2012, or Knees supposedly to be arthritic, nonetheless, I will not quit!  If you need further encouragement – tune in to “America Ninja Warrior”.  Some of the competitors have overcome some challenging setbacks.

If you worry about flatulence occurring at the gym – don’t fret; that’s one of the reasons why they play music and have the fans running.  Just try not to consume dairy or any products that give you gas before you head out.  If you’re at home – use you abs. to help release the gas gently.  Your body is performing naturally.

Ms. "V" is using Jillian Michaels DVD's
Whatever you do — Don’t Give Up! And pray while you P.U.S.H.  The enemy will try everything to make you quit, including weight gain at the beginning.  Remember, you’re making muscle and that is sometimes heavier than the fat that is falling off.  Don’t forget to “Eat Wisely”, and incorporate cardio along with strength-training.  You have plenty of friends on social networks who are making a conscious effort to live longer & enjoy life.

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