Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"You May be Down, But You're Never Defeated"

Just as a fruit tree is heavy, when laden with fruit; so too are our lives sometimes heavy with problems. We sometimes bend under the pressures and strains that life brings us. We get depressed. We lack self-confidence. We don't trust people. We say that we can't take it anymore. We need a solution to our dilemma.

When things like this happen to us it's good to know that someone else has gone through the same or similar situations as you have; and that they have made it through. You too should be able to identify with this book and make it through life's journeys. You are not alone. You can make it with confidence. You can move you mountain that have help you back. You can be an over-comer through Christ Jesus, the deliverer of all our problems. Learn how to stand tall like the majestic French Maritime Evergreen Pine trees (pictured on the cover) that sway in the midst of any storm. "Bent But Not Broken" will help you to enjoy what God has for you despite what the circumstances may look like. "You will bend, but you won't bread." It's like the old toy commercial, "Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down". We may be tossed to and fro in the wind, but with our feet firmly planted in Him; we won't fall down.

We are not to add to not take away from God's Word, yet I do believe that He helps us today with inspiring words of wisdom from others. Those things that are written in this book are some of those inspired words; some of which are very funny. As you conclude this book, my prayer to God is for "Bent But Not broken" to have eased some of you time through your 'valley'- don't fear. Be Blessed In Order To Be A Bigger Blessing.

To read more - get the book: “Bent But Not Broken” by Ms. "V" (Victoria Thomas Poller)

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