Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Desire The Best From God

Have you noticed that some people talk about preachers making money off their congregation and are living ‘high off the hog’ while they themselves live from paycheck to paycheck?  Have you noticed that some pastors teach about prosperity and “the good life”?  How dare they tell us how to live an enjoyable life here on this earth?

Well, they are telling us how we can have the best that God desires for His people.  He will make our way prosperous in order for us to be successful.  It’s our inheritance to desire the best things that are available on this earth: good health, promotion, wealth, fame, companionship and much more.  There’s nothing wrong with getting a better car, better job, good friends, nice clothes – and for most of this we need more money.

Can you see a similarity?  God has allowed us to share a part in building His kingdom, and increasing the number of laborers to proclaim the Word of God.  I’ve had a car that took “Band-Aids” to help hold it together until a better ‘used’ car could be obtained.  Sure, it took time and a better job in order to get better things.  There are times that I still find bargains at ‘resale’ shops and I’ve never turned up my nose to second-hand items.  Life is all about being “good stewards” of what God gives to us.

So don’t covet, don’t go overboard by being greedy; but do expect better.  Don’t settle for a mediocre, ‘just-getting-by’ lifestyle.  If you own a “Hooptie”, start saving and begin to profess a better car.  If you want nicer things; start acting now.  Whatever you wantask God for it and #TBR.
Don't settle for a "Hooptie" unless it's a ride that's been "Pimped"

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