Thursday, April 1, 2010

Down, But Not Out

This may be April the first, but this is not a joke.

It was Friday March 26, 2010, just four days after my sixtieth birthday. So good to have seen 3 score years go by and to proclaim the victories that have occurred within a little more than a half-a-century. God has been, and still is good.

On that Fri, I had gotten up, cleaned our home, changed the bed linen, did all the laundry, ironed some clothes and was prepared for an evening out with my Hubby. We were going to a formal sit-down dinner at an exclusive golf resort. Tickets were purchased months ago: Fun, fun and more fun. Little did I know what was to be in store for us during the rest of the evening.

As I dressed, time was ticking away, but finally I was ready. Van was trying to finish a late scheduled assignment from work and we had it all planned out. I then left the house to do a couple of errands; and returned home to do one more thing. Van had gotten home and got ‘decked out’ and then went to the car awaiting my arrival. Well, here I go running through the house like Cinderella going to the ball (remember your Mama saying, “Don’t run through the house!” – well, it’s true; don’t do it!!!). I get to my dining room (parkay floors/3 inch heels), slide, fall into the marble kitchen floor, little “pop” – “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”.

Thank God there was no carpet (it was a blessing in disguise). I looked down and ‘no blood’, no pain; what’s up? I lifted my gown from off my foot and my right foot was turned at a 90 degree angle to the right. Not good – Don’t want to think about how it will feel once the nerves communicate with my brain.

Now Van was being patient and didn’t want to rush me so he sat in the car, windows down with music playing softly. I don’t know exactly whose name I called more: “Jesus” or “Van”. I was feeling a little needy by now, so I pulled myself across the kitchen floor, reached up to open the door, pulled myself across the laundry room, opened the door to the garage and screamed Van’s name again. He heard me and remained calm as always, yet caring. He saw what was going on under the gown and immediately we went to the nearby ER.

All we needed was “the red carpet”. Van was dressed in a white suit, white shoes and tie that matched my lavender gown. We did get noticed & after my assessment, I received a little anesthesia and my ankle was pulled back into place and a soft cast was applied. I have to stay off my feet (which is hard for me), but I will be obedient. I don’t do “Twitter” because you don’t need to know how I got to the bathroom or what I did an hour ago, but I will keep you posted here.

Today is Thursday April 1, 2010 and I’ll receive my hard cast next Thursday when the swelling goes down. So until then (and my next Blog) ask any questions, read my articles on Examiner and feel free to keep me posted you YOU and yours.

Thoughts: Walking with crutches may have a person thinking that they have an ailment under the armpit and chest areas. “Narcotics & crutches don’t mix” – just say NO! “Prayer gives up perks to the justified” James 5:16
Thanking God……That I’m alive.
…This didn’t happen in the winter.
…For people who love me (family, friends and acquaintances).
…I lost some weight earlier & was more flexible through exercise (it could have been worst ;)
…For a good pedicure.