Monday, September 30, 2013

Do Something! Don’t Take Offense

What would you have done if your Pastor deleted you from his/her social friends network list?  Think about it.  "I don't believe that the Pastor would have the nerve to delete me from his friends.  Out of all the people in our church, he got rid of my name."  Well, that happened to me.  

I hadn’t noticed it until my Hubby told me of one of our Pastor’s posts. Where was my notification?  What had I done to make the Pastor ‘diss me’?  I had already been his friend.  What did I do wrong?

Bishop George Davis recently wrote a book entitled, “Passing The Tests of Life” and one of the chapters deals with “Passing the test of Offense”.  I could have taken offense, shut down, pouted and may have just left the church altogether.

Come to find out, Face Book had unfriended me from my Pastor, deleted notifications from a couple of other friends, and I was not receiving notifications from my Husband either.  There was so much room to go off on a tangent, be offended and butt-hurt.

I went to the Pastor’s page and noticed that I was no longer his friend, so I requested friendship once again.  After contacting him online, I found out that He didn’t delete me and I had an understanding.  I sought first to understand, then to be understood.

If you haven’t heard from someone in a while, don’t assume that they “don’t like you any more".  Mistakes happen everywhere and it happens to all of us.  Don’t allow people, a social network or anything else to cause you to sin and fall into a trap of offense.

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