Thursday, August 20, 2020

Safety at the Alhambra during COVID-19

It has literally been a month of Sundays since we’ve had a review on “Around Town with Ms. “V” due to the pandemic shutdown in March; nonetheless we thank God that we are alive and well.

Florida has only reached Stage 2 of carefully reopening some businesses with social distancing and having patrons don masks, yet we are proud to report that the “Alhambra Theatre and Dining” has complied to safely protect its patrons and their employees.

Masks are not required during your meal, but you are requested to mask-up when going to the restrooms.  Some people chose to have on their masks during the show’s presentation, but that’s entirely up to you.

Space between tables has been designed so that only you and people who are in your party, are sitting together.  Plexiglass is positioned throughout the showroom in order to separate one layer of tables from the next level of tables.  All servers are protecting you with their facial coverings and gloved hands.

Yes, you can still get your favorite alcoholic beverage brought to your table, and don’t forget to get your professional 5x7 framed photo taken with a themed background to commemorate your visit along with a memorable key chain.

The show “Grease” is fantastic.  When I asked if I should watch the original movie with my Granddaughter, it was suggested that I wait until after viewing the show, and she was so right (but it really didn’t matter).  A couple of the songs were different and of course, some of the scenes have been changed under the excellent production of Mr. Tod Booth.  The actors (some of whom you might have seen before), are seasoned participants as they act, sing and dance with the upmost precision.

The Alhambra Theatre and Dining is a small business that is doing everything that they can do tin order to maintain quality while presenting the best three course meals by Executive Chef DeJuan Roy.  Also, please be kid to your servers because they work hard to give quality service.  Tipping is allowed and recommended.  The only negative of my evening was the coffee that tasted like a weak tea, nevertheless, there’s still a Starbucks still open somewhere on the way home.

“Grease” may be sold out (even with the addition of three extra weeks); but in order for experience live theater, you may want to join the Alhambra’s Royalty Partners.  These Season Ticket holders, who have purchased tickets before the onset of the Coronavirus, get first preference to available seating.  Want to get out and continue to enjoy life?  Get your Alhambra Theatre & Dining tickets today.  Give them a call!

LOCATION: Alhambra Theater & Dining
12000 Beach Blvd.
       Jacksonville, Florida 32246
       (904) 641-1212