Tuesday, July 1, 2014

“Bent But Not Broken”

My husband and I opened a small, retail store selling ethnic cosmetics, cards, hosiery, figurines and a number of other items.  There was no other place in town that sold these particular types of items.  We drew up a dynamic business proposal and submitted it to the Small Business Association, after which we received a considerable loan to start the business.  We found a place downtown (the location wasn’t great, but we could not afford anything better (location is everything).  We remodeled the place, which we didn’t own but rented (mistake!).  We bought fixtures with a business credit card, and we purchased products to sell.  We had done a survey to find out if there was a demand for our products in our area, but you know how often people say one thing and then do another?  Our survey showed a good demand for our idea and our products.  We thought we had a sure thing.  We had prayed, trusted God, and basically, we had done our homework.  Some people say to give a business at least five years to become a success.  I say examine the facts.  Why endure a lot of hardship and expense?  When the cards are dealt after the shuffle, and, after you have drawn more cards, and you can’t make a good hand, then fold and fold gracefully.
I kept a diary of what went on in my life and how God saw my family and me through those hard times.  If you read my first book, remember I said that you should, “Never let them (people) see you sweat?” (Remember the Right Guard commercial)?  Well, now I will allow you to see a little of my perspiration.
Don’t stay away from a church, congregation or God because of previous hurts or misunderstandings.  God loves you.  Let her prove it.

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