Friday, February 12, 2010

“Extra. Extra. Read all about it!!!”

To those of you who have subscribed to my Examiners page, I hope that you’re enjoying the articles. I try to be a good reporter and give you details, keep you informed and give you something to think about.

For those of you who have not signed up – please take a little time to “Subscribe” to my weekly posts. I try to post on Tuesdays. This will help me get paid, and also help to get the Word of God out to His people. Also if you know of someone who want to write, please have them submit my name and number ( ) to Examiner. Thank you in advance and keep reading ;)

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Ms. “V”


Renee said...

Hi Victoria,

I believe that I have signed up. I viewed a few of the articles on tonight. I hope that my name is still on the list. I do get messages in my inbox.

I pray that you bless others through the Examiner. My husband and I still haven't moved, but I intend to write for the Examiner after we're settled. I'm hoping that this is the year that we move.

Be blessed,


Ms. "V" Victoria Thomas Poller said...

Thank you Renee. I hope that I'll get notifiations from now on. You brought this to my attention.

If you get messages in your "In Box" then you are signed up for "The" Again, thank you for taking time to come visit my online ;)

Ms. "V" Victoria Thomas Poller said...

Notifications. Little bit of the "quick finger".