Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Surgeon General declares JAX teen challenge a model for the nation

Originally posted on Examiner: May 27, 2016
In December 2015, they visited Washington, D.C. and met with current
U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy to pitch their call-to-action plan. Impressed with the proposal, Dr. Murthy visited Jacksonville to help the students introduce #FitOverFatUSA to the community.  Dr. Murthy says Jacksonville can be a model of health for the nation.  He adds, “It depends on how everyone pulls together, including students and parents and elected leaders and business leaders to help do their part to make sure we are creating an environment that promotes health.”

About “I’m A Star Foundation”: The foundation provides an outlet for students (ages 11-18) to develop solutions and strategies to help their peers (and their families) overcome negative statistics and barriers and unleash their inner greatness.  “I’m A Star Foundation” Executive Director
Betty Seabrook Burney is a former Duval County School Board member who joined the Duval County School Board in November 2004 and held the distinction of serving as a two-time Board Chairman (2006 and 2011) and a two-time Vice Chairman (2005 and 2010). At the end of her term as School Board Chairman, Duval County achieved the distinction of having all chronically low performing schools exit the state of Florida’s intervene list.  (Take a look at the video above, and see for yourself).

Burney serves as a consultant for the Center for Reform of School Systems where she works with School Boards and Superintendents to provide technical assistance on governance strategies and practices designed to impact student achievement and to narrow the academic achievement gap.  
Her expertise has been shared with the following school districts:
Houston Independent School District
Corsicana Independent School District (Corsicana, TX)
Tyler Independent School District (Tyler, TX)
Prince Georges County School District (Prince Georges, MD)
Richmond School District (Richmond, VA)
Syracuse County School District (Syracuse, NY)
Memphis School District (Memphis, TN)
Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District (Charlotte, NC)
New Orleans Parish School District (New Orleans, LA)

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