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2015 Gospel ‘Festival of Praise Tour’ conquers JAX praise crowd

Get ready for 2016 TOUR
Original post on Examier.com - October 13, 2015

The tickets may have been printed, “Festival of Praise staring, Fred Hammond, Donnie McClurkin, Hezekiah & Many More,” yet a team of praise and worshippers showed up and showed out at the Jacksonville’s Veteran’s Memorial Arena when the “Festival of Praise Tour” came to town.  There were no big I’s or little U’s on Sunday October 11, 2015, but the TEAM came on stage together to minister to those in attendance.

2015 was the bomb!
Comedian Marcus Wiley started the show (on time) and got the people laughing in their seats with some good clean humor.  Instead of holding the headliners off until last, ‘Festival of Praise’ brought the praisers to the front-lines.  Talk about getting your monies worth, when the “Festival of Praise Tour” comes to a city near you – Go!

The first singer to hit the stage was Maestro Fred Hammond graced the stage with renditions of, “Are You Ready for a Miracle,” and then Professor Donnie McClurkin joined him singing, “Hail Jesus, You’re My King.”  You might not expect that a Gospel group would start crooning “Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Again” – made famous by Sly & the Family Stone, but that’s just what they did, to the glory of God.

Hezekiah Walker and Kim Burrell joined the first two singers while everyone stayed out on the stage and continued to sing their songs and other artists’ songs.  Isaac Carree, Jessica Reedy and Zacardi Cortez joined the other four virtuosos and the entire group sang into the night.  This continued for about three hours with a brief intermission.

2015 at JAX Vet. Arena
What a delightful mix of Gospel talent on one stage ushering in the presence of God.  Unlike other theater and concert venues, you can take all the still shots & videos that your heart could desire.  Take a little time and see what you’re going to enjoy when they come to your town.  For a list of locations where the team will be appearing near you, check the link HERE.

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