Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Ends and Outs of Getting a Massage!

Updated: September 28, 2016
Some people are leery of things that they don’t understand.  If you’ve never experienced a professional massage, then you might not understand what goes on behind closed doors.  You may think that massages are luxuries, yet they are therapeutic for the triune man.  Your Spirit has a chance to slow down and communicate with God while your soul (mind, will and emotions) has the chance to learn from your Spirit.  Your body benefits from muscles being loosened, and pain being relieved.  There are different types of massage (hot-stone, deep tissue, mineral wraps, facials, etc.); your salon will explain the difference and you’ll discover what works best for you.

You should go to the restroom before you go into the room to begin your treatment.  The Massage Therapist uses oils that don’t have a strong aroma, but is very oily.  Your skin will be soft until you wash it off - and it doesn’t get on your clothes.  The massage person will leave you alone in the room to pin up or cover up your hair, remove your jewelry (post earrings may be left in place), remove your clothes and get under the sheet and blanket.

With your legs, one is exposed at a time and the sheet is tucked between your legs. Only one leg exposed at a time with modesty during the entire time.  Some people have a hard time removing their under garments and your therapist will adapt, but you won’t get some muscles massaged, especially on your upper and lower back.  My therapist starts with me on my stomach, arms to the side with a pillow roll under my ankles, head is in a head holder on the massage table.  When it’s time to turn over, they will hold the covers up (giving you some privacy) while you flip to the other side.

The room is usually has dim lighting with music (no lyrics) playing softly in the background.  Some therapists also use a sound machine (birds chirping, ocean waves, rain, soothing sounds).  If you want to talk, make sure it’s before your technician gets started.  They may ask if you have any problem areas on your body.  Sometimes there’s a floor fan, but you won’t be cold.  It may be to keep your massage therapist cool.

This is time for meditation, prayer and maybe a nap.  It’s time to clear your mind from all the frustrations that might come your way.  It’s your time.  If you get a ‘chatty cathy’ man or woman, you may want to change people.  It’s up to you if you are more comfortable with a man or a woman touching you.  Most men prefer women to massage them because a man-on-man may not be welcomed.  I’ve had both, nonetheless, I prefer a woman.

When I was younger, massage was a luxury (special occasions); now, it’s a necessity.  I budget a one-hour, hot-stone treatment (a good therapist massages with her stones and doesn’t just lay them on your body), once a month as I do my manicure and pedicure.  If you don’t take care of yourself (don’t go into debt, but cut back on other luxuries) then how can you take care of someone or something else.  Massage chairs found in a mall doesn’t count as an authentic massage.

At the end of your massage, it’s very important that you drink lots and lots of water to flush the toxins from your body.  If you exercise, some people choose to go before, others go after the gym, and some don’t go on the same day of the massage.  I choose the latter.

Thanks to Beth at Hand and Stone Massage & Facial Spa for enlightening me on things that I didn’t know about the massage trade; and to 10, 000 Waves for giving me a wonderful resort experience and knowledge.  Resorts and cruise ships offer rooms for you and your spouse to experience the relaxation of therapeutic massage.  If you have any questions, ask me in the comment section.  OBTW, if you have a little flatulence (gas) during your massage; just say, “Excuse me”.  It’s only you and your therapist in the room and somebody did it.

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