Friday, September 2, 2016

Tori Bowie: sprint sensation & triple Olympic medalist

Tori Bowie - US 2016 Olympian winner
Photo courtesy: XXPosure
Fresh from the Rio games in Brazil, this African-American Gold/Silver/Bronze winner is a star in the making. Consider highlighting how her status skyrocketed as a relatively unknown athlete from Sandhill, Mississippi into a gorgeous rising star featured in publications from Elle Magazine and Sports Illustrated, to a recent Stella McCartney campaign, and even new collaborations with Adidas.

Her recent Olympic gold medal win makes her a triple Olympic medalist- after only competing for two years. It places her among our best U.S. women sprinters. That's the stuff heroes are made of. Especially when you consider she is not just another athlete coming back from Rio with a medal, but a young woman with a riveting backstory-one of heartwarming triumph born out of story which began from humble beginnings in Sandhill, Mississippi's foster care system.

Later in life, the two sisters were urged by a high school basketball coach into track and field. Tori took off flying and has paved a series of successful wins at every turn, from the 2011 NCAA Indoor and Outdoor Championships to victories in Rome, New York and the Rio games.  It places her as number #1 in the U.S. and number #2 in the world, leading USA Today to describe her as "The breakout athlete of the Rio Olympic Games."

As a graduate with a degree in psychology, and an avid reader, she is an outstanding role model, with stories from the heart about what it takes to face miles of odds that may try to keep you back.  Watch and see what this Olympian does next.

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