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'Fences' from Stage Aurora Theater then and now in theaters

Original post: January 2013    Updated: December 28, 2016

Not since For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf has Stage Aurora Theatrical Company put on such an impacting drama production, yet “Fences” has the dynamics of true theater.  Fences impacts the audience to interpret the feelings of each character, and to interact with every emotion that pours from the stage.

If nothing else (but there is much more) Stage Aurora started ‘Fences’ promptly at 7 p.m. for those who gathered together for this Tony Award Winning presentation.  Thanks to Darryl Reuben Hall for bringing this production to JAX, FL, in 2013.  “Why do people build fences?” was a question that was answered as: “To keep people out or sometimes; To keep them in.”

The stage-set is modestly created; nonetheless, it well resembles the time and area of Southern living around the 1950’s (yet the movie takes place in Pennsylvania).  The dialogue and story-line takes the audience way back to a time when Blacks could reminisce of ‘so-called’ hard times which could also reflect on some modern day occurrences.  And yes, this writer remembers the corner A&P grocery store.

Eugene Lindsey (Troy Maxson) recited his many lines like it was an actual conversation from moments in the actor’s own life.  Troy is a character who you could easily “love to hate”.  He may remind you of an Uncle that wasn’t the most popular guy at the family bar-b-que.  [2016-Director/Actor, Denzel Washington, could also be a contender for an academy.]

Shauntel Robinson (Rose-Troy’s wife) exuded real tears in her compelling speech to Mister Troy in Act Two.  Her tears were so emotional that the audience could feel all the pain that she pours out from her soul.  The crowd was clearly on her side and the “bat” might have been swung right at Troy’s head, if it were a black woman in today’s society.  Many of the people in the audience wanted to “whup-up” on Troy during this portion in the play.  [In the 2016 movie, Viola Davis should win an academy award for her outstanding role.  The woman had snot flying.]

The script is very extensive and NONE of the actors missed their lines.  A couple of quotes from the show are: “You got to learn how to take the crooked with the straight” and “You either have to grow into it or you gotta cut it down to fit ya.”  See if you are able to spot where these lines come in during the program.

‘Fences’ lets the audience know how times use to be and also shows how some parent/child relationships may get misunderstood in today’s society.  The relationship between Troy and his son Lyons (Joiakin Joe Foster) may be interpreted as, “I’m not your Friend – I’m your Father” role.  Where should the compromise be in this type of relationship?

This drama should be seen by all (some language may have to be explained to children beforehand, but the words have become second nature in the world today.)  'Fences' is now showing in a theater near you and is a must-see.  {Video clip:
Broadwaycom FENCES Broadway production clip featuring Denzel Washington and Viola Davis in 2011.}

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Van said...

What a great story line and cast. If you missed the stage play don't miss the movie.