Tuesday, March 14, 2017

'Star' on Fox TV-Sexuality and Christianity: What?

Many people are afraid to talk about homosexuality for fear of being ridiculed, labeled, chastised, hated (the list goes on), so they just keep quiet, bury their heads, or don’t say anything at all.  There’s a nighttime soap-opera (oh, there are many other ones on evening TV, so put down your rocks & please listen to the important issue), “Star”, in its first season on the FOX network.  The show has a character that wants to change from a man to a woman (you’ll have to look up the episode ‘on demand’).  What I found disturbing was the attempt to perform an Exorcism on this person, by a pastor of a local church.  There’s more plots to the show, but this is the focus of this article.  How would you approach a person who is NOT a  heterosexual?

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You may want to tag people who question their gender as gay, homosexual, transsexual, transgender, and the classifications go on (with some not-so-nice terms).  Nevertheless, how are Christians, who say they love God, going to badger and belittle a person, as they tell the person that they are going to die and go to hell?  Christians have their Bible scriptures, but What Would Jesus Do in confronting a person who was born one way and have desires for the other gender?  Are we God?  What would Jesus say and do about a Hermaphrodite?  Are we Christians supposed to beat the devil out of other people?  Are we to ignore the person and what they do?  In the words of a familiar show, “What Would You Do?”

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There’s an old saying, “You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.”  Didn’t Jesus show love to those who were NOT like Him?  How are people going to love and follow Christ, if they can’t see the love of Jesus in YOU?  Some of us have family members who are transgender, yet how do we treat them?  Are we ashamed to invite them to dinner, or what about inviting them to church (that’s the last place they might come because of the whispers or looks they would receive - that’s not your church; is it?).  Do we shun them or classify them as outcasts?  How would you handle it if a loved one professed that they were different than you?  Would you still love them or hide them in the closet?  Is casting demons out of the person, the answer or showing that person to a loving God?  We are to lead folks to Christ by our example, and He gets the increase.

Years ago, when I was a barmaid, we had a “Pearl Box Review” (men who dressed and performed as women) come to town.  They needed a place to stay and I was single, with a four-bedroom house; so, I had them stay with me.  That was a time that I hold dear.  It was like having a group of sisters around.  We ate, cooked, shopped, drank and had fun together.  That was then!  Today, I would have to check with Hubby and they could probably afford a hotel room, but the fact remains that these are still people (don’t be asking my Husband what he would do), and they have feelings.  Some of you readers might be saying, “They wouldn’t be in my house.”  Well, shame on you!  Did Jesus do that?  He got upset with the money changers at the temple, but who’s to say that He didn’t have a glass of wine with them at another time.

My question to you is, “How does a Christian approach and treat a person who appears to be one way, yet feels that they are the other?  What would you do?  Are we Christians so heavenly bound (going to heaven no matter what), that we’re no earthly good?  Are we willing to seek that one lost sheep from the herd and show them the Good Shepherd? Sometimes one situation can lead to another less favorable conclusion.  What will happen on the season finale of “Star” and will you judge less you be judged?

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