Thursday, June 14, 2018

Restoration continues at the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens

Following Hurricane Irma, the Museum’s safety committee reviewed emergency preparedness procedures and updated it based on effects from Irma, a practice that the safety committee performs following each storm.  New areas of preparedness have been identified and will be implemented.
The Museum is looking into mitigation options, to minimize damage in the future.  For example, plants that are more tolerant of salt will be planted, and sealed lighting fixtures will be installed that can be submerged for a period of time.

Garden reconstruction remains a major undertaking and focus. The Cummer advisors, WLA Studio, are preparing comprehensive recommendations that honor their inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places while being mindful of practical environmental considerations.  Much of the necessary infrastructure repairs, including new electrical and irrigation systems, will be completed over the summer.

The Cummer Gardens anticipate being ready to put plants in the ground late fall or early spring and look forward to sharing more details about their grand reopening celebration soon.  Stay tuned and please keep the restoration donations coming.

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