Saturday, November 10, 2018

The Cummer Museum is a great place for everyone

Dad and Daughter on a day off from school.
Ms. "V" and J Dianne of "At The Table"

"Garmin" sculpted by Augusta Savage

Sculpture of Mary McLeod Bethune by Augusta

Photos of Augusta Savage and her famous recreated sculpture of
"The Harp"
It’s a beautiful weekend to visit the “Augusta Savage” exhibit at the Cummer Museum.  What a wonderful time to teach our children a little history.  I don’t know why it has taken me so long to visit this wonderful establishment. I’ve attended other venues downtown, and the Cummer is ranked +5.  It was also much appreciated to be able to take quality pictures without a flash.  The staff is very knowledgeable (especially the security guards) and you will discover more about the exhibits by being friendly and striking up a conversation.  I have so much more to see there. We stayed 3 hours and only touched the surface of what’s available for the eye to see.

The Cummer Gardens are coming along nicely, nonetheless, your restorative contributions are always welcome.  The Cummer Museum of Art and it’s reconstructed gardens will continue to be featured in “Around Town With Ms. “V”.  It can be a great learning experience for the entire family.  Stay tuned!  And don’t forget to consider the Cummer for Holiday Gifts, FREE Children’s admission for November 2018, and the great events that are sponsored for this month.  There is ample FREE parking across from the museum.

Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

   829 Riverside Avenue
   Jacksonville, Florida 32204
   (904) 356-6857

   Hours of Operation & Admission

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