Monday, June 2, 2014

Give to Get to Give Again

Have you considered what the Bible phrase “…shall men GIVE unto your bosom…” from Luke 6:38 actually meant?  Recently our small group had to privilege to help someone who was in need of assistance.  Our group did not know the individuals, but we were informed and had to ask ourselves, “WWJD” (What Would Jesus Do?).

Take a look at their story here on, and see if you would like to be a blessing to this family.  Or maybe you know of someone else who would like to see a little bit more of what Jesus is truly like right here on this earth.

If you don’t know what a Small Group is; take a look below and find a connection where you live.  Check your local church and ask them about “Small Groups” in your area.

What Is A Small Group?

A "Small Group" {Cell Group, C.A.R.E. (Christians Are Reaching Everyone), Bible Study Group or a Home Group} are a small group of individuals that gather together to have fellowship.  These groups are normally branched out of "Mega Churches" where the Pastor cannot meet with the entire congregation, but he has appointed individuals to get to know a portion of the flock on a more intimate scale.

Small Groups (from 10 - 15 members) live in close proximity to each other and have a common relationship besides the church.Groups may include athletics, shopping, couples, young adults, cooking, dancing, coupon shoppers, motorcyclist, singles, divorced', or any other shared activity and common interest.  They allow members to connect in an atmosphere that’s perfect for intimate worship, regular fellowship, close discipleship, targeted service, and widespread evangelism.

The group is not intended to take the place of a corporate place of worship, but to enhance the church body.  Even if a person is not attending a physical church building, they may even find the comradery of the Small Group to assist them in finding a "Church Home".

Small Group members help each other in times of need. They let the church know if there is something that might need professional attention.  Small Groups stand in the gap for each other and pray for and check on each other and get closer to God.

To read more – get the book: “Bent But Not Broken” by Ms. "V" (Victoria Thomas Poller)

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