Thursday, November 14, 2019

‘A Bronx Tale’ - great show on a cool FL night

Even if this reporter has never seen “A Bronx Tale”, she thoroughly enjoyed the presentation at the Times Union Center in JAX.  I would not recommend this show for young children and everyone else probable saw the one-man-show, the movie, or musical elsewhere; because there were no little ones in sight.  Mix a little “West Side Story,” with a little “Jersey Boys,” add a of “Saturday Night Fever,” along with a pinch of “Grease,” and you’ve got a serious Broadway hit on your hands.

The elaborate cast that came to JAX is impeccable.  If a mistake was made - it was not noticeable.  The singing and chorography were wonderful especially in the songs: “I Like It,” “These Streets,” “Webster Avenue,” and “One Of The Great Ones.”  The 12-piece orchestra was fantastic.  Kudos to the set designer, costumes designer (looked very similar to the Broadway production) and the sound engineer.

This tour group, that came to Jacksonville, FL; looked, acted and sang so much like the actors who were in NYC - this was a real treat for JAX.  Young Calogero (“C”) locally played by 11-year-old Trey Murphy, stole the show.  His acting & singing were right on pitch and cue.  This writer doesn’t know how long he was a way from school, or how many hours he put into this show, nonetheless, his grades MUST be top notch.  You’ll see more of him at the Alhambra Theatre & Dining, if not at other venues.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, because his father Justin Murphy, is lead actor in “Jekyll & Hyde” still
playing at the Alhambra.  See A Bronx Tale in a city near you.  Get your tickets today!

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Van said...

Good show. Couple language opportunities that may not be suitable for under 13