Tuesday, May 5, 2020

‘Florida Theatre’ participates in giving to others

Historic nonprofit “Florida Theatre” is committed to ensuring they remain a destination for music and performing arts, in addition to ensuring that the building is maintained as a historic resource to the community.  The theater responds to urgent COVID-19 need with a request for donations, as they join #givingtuesdaynow in global day of giving and unity.

#GivingTuesdayNow is a global day of giving and unity, set to take place on May 5, 2020 as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.  The day is designed to drive an influx of generosity, citizen engagement, business and philanthropy activation, and support for communities and nonprofits around the world.

At a time when we are all experiencing the pandemic, generosity is what brings people of all races, faiths, and political views together across the globe.  Generosity gives everyone power to make a positive change in the lives of others and is a fundamental value anyone can act upon.  It’s a day for everyone around the world to stand together and give back in all ways, no matter who or where we are.

“At the Florida Theatre, a portion of our bottom line every year comes directly from donations made by members of our community and our generous donors and corporate sponsors,” said Florida Theatre Development Director Michelle Adams.  “Through their generosity we’re able to offer community events like our annual Holiday Movie which benefits the region’s largest nonprofit food bank and hunger relief network, Feeding Northeast Florida, and present cultural programs like Jacksonville Dance Theatre, Kodo Drummers, and Pilobolus.”

People can show their generosity in a variety of ways during #GivingTuesdayNow, whether it’s helping a neighbor, advocating for an issue, sharing a skill, or giving to causes; every act of generosity counts.  The global movement will emphasize opportunities to give back to communities and causes in safe ways that allow for social connection even while practicing physical distancing.

“As a global community, we can mourn this moment of extreme crisis while also finding the opportunity to support one another.  We each have the power to make an impact with acts of generosity, no matter how small, and to ensure the sustainability of organizations and services that are crucial to the care and support of our communities,” said Asha Curran, CEO of GivingTuesday. “#GivingTuesdayNow is a chance for us to stand united and use grassroots generosity to show that we are all in this together, beginning to end.  Even as many face financial uncertainty, generosity is not about size.  From calling an elderly neighbor to chat to offering translation help; from showing gratitude to our healthcare workers to donating to your local food bank, every act of kindness is a beacon of hope in this crisis.  We all have something to give, and every act of human consideration and kindness matters.”

For more details about  the GivingTuesday movement, visit the GivingTuesday website (www.givingtuesday.org), Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/GivingTuesday) or follow @GivingTuesday and #GivingTuesdayNow on Twitter.  For youth interested in joining the movement, visit GivingTuesdayKids.org  for inspiration and project ideas.  Donations to Florida Theatre are graciously appreciated and welcome via the Theatre’s official website (www.floridatheatre.com).

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