Monday, April 19, 2021

Free Summer theater coming to the Florida Theatre

The Florida Theatre’s Theatreworks program has revealed the 2021 lineup for Free Summer Theatre sponsored by CITI. All four Free Summer Theatre events will take place at the Florida Theatre with show times of 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Admission is free and reservations are required. Seats can be reserved now at

The Florida Theatre’s Theatreworks program provides the best national and international professional touring children’s theatre to the school age children and summer campers of the First Coast region. Founded in 1979, Theatreworks was an independent organization until it merged with the Florida Theatre in 2019.

The 2021 Free Summer Theatre lineup is:
Wednesday, June 16 - Princess Thimbelina: Princess Thimbelina is Hans Christian Andersen’s classic story of a tiny fairy child looking for happiness. The 45-minute musical is vividly presented on stage with giant puppets and inflatable garden. A flower witch enchants the fairy child. A frog scares her. A big blue sparrow hawk befriends her. And a mumbling mole and spinning spider are helped by Thimbelina as she waits for Spring and a chance to bloom. Princess Thimbelina and her menagerie of giant garden animal puppets hope to meet you and share a smile!

Wednesday, July 14 - Doug Berky’s Gems: The World’s Wisdom Stories: Doug Berky believes that stories should be seen as well as heard. He uses improvisation, mime, masks, voice, and puppetry, to let the story to let express itself. The result is a visual feast filled with fanciful characters, drama, comedy, and many twists and turns. The stories are “Gems” of wisdom passed down to us from many peoples around the world. Tales include "The Lion and the Mouse," "The Crocodile and the Monkey," and "The Drip Nose Boy."

Thursday, July 15 - Doug Berky’s No Show: “No Show” is a comic tapestry woven from physical comedy, mime, music, mask theatre, clowning, improvisation, and circus arts. Doug draws from these vast traditions to delight audiences internationally and across the US. “No Show” begins with the premise that a performance has been scheduled, the stage is set with props and costumes, the audience has gathered and is seated and waiting, but the actors are a no show. What might happen when someone from the audience approaches the stage and discovers all that awaits. Masterful mayhem? Perhaps. Imagine one’s first attempt at riding a unicycle, the discovery of theatrical masks, juggling clubs, and a sousaphone. Can one really keep rhythm juggling shakers while playing classical music on harmonica? Experiencing “No Show” may just satisfy your curiosity.

Tuesday, July 20 - The Time Machine: H.G. Wells’s 1895 Science Fiction novel travels to the stage in this “steampunk” rock musical. A Victorian-era time traveler ventures far into the future encountering the ethereal Eloi and the dangerous subterranean Morlocks. He must return to his own time with a lesson in embracing diversity essential to saving the human species.

Theatreworks: Free Summer Theatre is Sponsored by CITI, Kirbo Charitable Trust and W.W. & the Eloise D. Gay Foundation.

All of this year’s Free Summer Theatre events will take place at the Florida Theatre with a limited seating capacity. Please visit each individual event’s page for a list of safety protocols. The Florida Theatre’s most up-to-date safety protocols and COVID-related updates can be found at

The historic, nonprofit Florida Theatre is sponsored by Community First Credit Union. For a complete list of upcoming events or to buy tickets visit the Theatre’s official website,

                                 Theatreworks: Free Summer Theatre Sponsored by CITI
SHOW DATE:                      Summer 2021 (event dates listed above)
SHOW TIMES:                    11 a.m. and 1 p.m.
TICKET PRICE:                    Free with Reservation

LOCATION:The Florida Theatre
      128 East Forsyth Street.
      Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 355-2787

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