Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Words of encouragement from Ms. “V” on Christian Quotes

Quotes from Ms. "V"
 Recently asked to participate with Christian Quotes, Ms. “V” has some of her beloved snippets for your online viewing pleasure.  Do you need a little daily inspiration?  Want something positive to think about during these turbulent times?  Get encouraged right now by getting a dose of Christian Quotes.

Don’t stay away from a church, congregation or God because of previous hurts or misunderstandings.  God loves you.  Let her prove it.  Ms. “V” (Victoria Thomas Poller) – The ‘Dear Ms. “V” of the Christian circuit.  She has a target audience that includes everyone.  Her main objective is to answer questions and give advice from a Christian perspective, to all nationalities.  If you’re male, female, young, or more mature - Ms. “V” will touch subjects that may not come across the pulpit.  You may have had the subject matter on your mind, yet she will give a reply that is Bible based and down to earth (scripture and verses included).

For more uplifting reading, you can order a copy of “Where Did That Come From?” and “Bent But Not Broken” on her website.
Ms. "V"

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