Thursday, February 4, 2021

Julian Marley brings ‘The Wailers' to JAX

The Florida Theatre is pleased to welcome reggae legends The Wailers featuring Julian Marley at the Florida Theatre on Saturday, February 20, 2021 at 8 p.m.

Not many bands can claim genuine legend status. The Wailers, however, can comfortably claim their place in essential music history as the band that backed the incomparable Bob Marley. Culture defining; rebel hearts with brave souls embodying the spirit of 1970’s era-defining reggae.

In this show, the offspring of legends Bob Marley and Aston Barrett, these two princely inheritors of reggae - power duo Julian Marley and Aston Barrett Jr. - join forces to return reggae to its acoustic roots.  The sound is a culmination of a life-long friendship and musical collaboration between the two.

Aston Barrett Jr. started working with the renowned Julian at the age of 14 while still in the eighth grade. Seeing an emerging talent, Julian quickly took him under his wing, inviting him to his house and exposing him to the many seminal guitar books, and to the family’s rich collection of early-reggae 1960’s recordings of his father.

Julian Marley, son of the iconic Bob Marley and twice Grammy-nominated musician and producer is a true and authentic representation of Rasta.  A world-renowned artist and devoted Rastafarian, Julian conveys his message of legalization, freedom, and love through his humanitarian efforts, music and JuJu Royal brand.

An idea born out of a phone call from friend and fellow musician Jaime Hinckson, this rare collaboration of three of reggae’s most prominent artists is a richly layered tapestry of both the genre’s early rhythmic wisdom and the newer cadences of a younger generation taking reggae’s divine message out to the world.

This will be a socially-distanced event with health and safety protocols in place. Patrons can visit for the most up to date information on The Florida Theatre’s safety protocols and general updates. Additionally, ticket purchasers will be notified by email of specific safety requirements prior to the event.

The historic, nonprofit Florida Theatre is sponsored by Community First Credit Union. For a complete list of upcoming events or to buy tickets visit the Theatre’s official website,

  “The Wailers
featuring Julian Marley

Sat. Feb.20, 2021
TIME:8 p.m.
 $39.50 - $49.50

LOCATION: The Florida Theatre
      128 East Forsyth Street.
      Jacksonville, FL 32202
      (904) 355-2787

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