Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Helping others by hearing God

Watching the rain bands come and go (Hurricane Elsa came and went without any damage near us here in northern FL). Our hummingbird even dropped by to let me know that everything is going to be alright.

God is so great. I had a wonderful time ministering to a Lady on the phone who I didn’t know. If you’ve ever called a company, and don’t get an answer right away, you could wait a bit. Instead of using my computer, I wanted to explain what I wanted to a person. I tenaciously stayed on an automated call for 1 hour/33min (got some laundry and ironing done while waiting). After hanging up I called the number again and a young man picked up after a 3 minute wait. That’s when I got transferred right away to a lovely Lady. I took my time and explained why I called. I wasn’t rude and I needed to explain that some older people need to be helped by a timely phone call. I could hear her typing all my information and concerns.

Some kind of way, we started talking about the COVID vaccine and how we both had our shots, yet she didn’t go out much. She too wears a mask out in public even though the mask mandate has been lifted in Las Vegas where she works from her home. She let me know that she felt anxious when wearing a mask. I was led to pray for her and she received the prayer and let me know that she was a Christian and that our meeting was not by chance, but Devine appointment.

Even though I lost time out of my day, it was not wasted. I did what God wanted me to do and got my laundry done. 

After praying for our safety from the storm and thanking God for safe travels, it’s time to get some dinner and relax. Have a good evening and a blessed week. 

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LSG said...

Interesting day. God is good!